My name is Mary Davidson and I am the Lead Coach and Team Manager of the Twisters.  I have grown up with this team!  I began my diving career as a diver for the Twisters, then began coaching the Twisters as an assistant in 2001 and took over as Lead Coach and Team Manager in 2012.  I have also worked as a diving coach at Clayview County Club, The Carriage Club, and as the high school coach for the North Kansas City School District.




Mary, Payton, Alberta, and Hannah with Team Founder:

Mitzi Matthews

Lead Coach and Team Manager:

Mary Meyers

Read "Lifetime Lessons Learned in the Pool"

from Northland Lifestyles Magazine.

The Twisters is also coached by 

Assistant Coaches Bryce Reid and Mike Brady.

The Twisters Diving Team is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Internal Revenue extends tax exempt benefits to organizations formed for religious, charitable, literary, scientific or educational purposes (dive teams fall under this purpose). If a corporation is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3), not only is it free from paying taxes on income, but people and organizations who contribute to the nonprofit corporation can take a tax deduction for their contributions. Our tax exempt ID number is:  26-4392694.

In this world

We must take chances,

Sometimes they're worth it

Sometimes they're not


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